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Precision Gateway is SGS’ platform for digitizing its Precision Farming practice.  The main purpose of the platform is to provide a practical tool in the hand of the farmer and agronomist to assist in the increase of yield and optimization of quality on the farm, while allowing effective collaboration with all role players on the farm.

The free version of the tool allows the user to view the maps loaded on the platform for a given company, as well as take advantage of the virtual inspection module to collaborate with other role players.  Viewing information such as farm size, field sizes, field boundaries, crops and plant dates on the fields gives a clear picture of operations at glance. 

For user looking for a more extensive experience, the platform offers subscription based modules including:

Crop growth warning model:

SGS monitors every field or block on your farm every week using, among other things, high resolution NDVI images. Once there is any threat that your crop can pick up damage during the growing season, SGS should already detect it, potentially before it becomes visible to the naked eye. You will then immediately receive a message with a reference to the field where inspection can be done. Examples of such notifications are early infestation of fungal diseases, insect damage, nematodes that start to infect the roots of your crop and many more examples. We therefore aim to minimize potential yield losses with the service through early action during the growing season.


Virtual Agronomist:

Virtual agronomist is a service provided by SGS PFS’ agronomists utilizing the Precision Gateway platform.  This gives the subscriber access to specialized knowledge of qualified, trained and experienced agronomist whom have access to all the data on the farm in order to get quick answers and advise when it is needed.  Information and data is required for this service to be successful, and therefor this service is only available to subscribers who enable the Virtual Inspection and Crop Growth warning module on their subscription.

Advanced mapping features:

The platform offers a number of advanced features allowing the user to derive more value from the geospatial maps that were once only available in printed format.  Among these features are options such as:

  • Comparing any two maps with each other
  • Dropping a pin on a location in the field and retrieving the detail analysis data of all available maps to the point and comparing it to another point
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Production Calendar:

Production calendar allows the planning of activities across the whole farm and the allocation of inputs to these activities per field and per season.  By doing so, costs can be calculated by farm and field, and by adding the expected revenue per ton per crop, various scenarios can be calculated showing profit, margins and break even points.

NDVI Imagery:

The platform offers high-resolution satellite imagery, sourced from a specialized provider and delivered automatically to the app as soon as it becomes available, normally 24 hours after the image is taken.  Before being delivered to the user, these images are processed to ensure optimal quality and to cut out cloud cover where possible, delivering a detailed image every time.  Availability of the images is dependent on factors such as cloud cover, cloud shadows, etc., and the frequency of usable images can be as high as an image every 3 days, weather permitting.  NDVI images sourced from drones can also be incorporated into the platform, regardless if these are produced by the SGS Drone service, or third-party services. 

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To enhance the variability of the images, SGS applies further processing to the NDVI images and produces a nutrient index map which is used in other activities such as identification of areas for leaf sampling, yield estimations and the identification of weak performing areas, relative to the production of the field.